Myths and reality about baby bathing

After returning home from the maternity house, every mom faces up with a necessity to bathe her child. It is not a problem if a woman gives a birth to the second or the third baby; in that case, she knows every aspect of the process by heart. But what to do if it is the first time she becomes mother? Grandmothers keep saying one thing, the magazines for young parents describe other thing and some pediatricians tell sometimes nothing on the whole. You can find a lot of bath accessories on mothercare discount Code.

It is not surprising that there are good reasons for a muddle in the head of a young mom. We’ll try to explode some myths here about baby bathing which are wrongly treated as reality.

 Myth 1. A baby can choke with the water while bathing.

In reality even the most inexperienced moms feel intuitively how to hold their children. Even if a baby happens to find out itself under the water for a few seconds it is not a disaster. Babies spend nine months in the amniotic waters inside a woman’s organism and still save the reflex of holding their breath after birth during the first months of life.

 Myth 2. Fathers will not manage with the process of baby bathing.

Nothing of that kind! All daddies can bath their children successfully and sometimes they even do it better than moms. The advice is to try to entrust the man with that activity and to make sure how artful he can be.

 Myth 3. A baby needs to be bathed every day.

This statement is partly true. If it is summer outside, and a child sweats a lot, there is a reason to bathe your infant daily to avoid skin irritation. In winter, the amount of bathing can be reduced to 2-3 times a week.

 Myth 4.  It is necessary to bathe a baby in the evening.

It is not that way. There is no such rule as to give baby a bath strictly in the evenings. What is needed to be cared about is whether a child isn’t hungry. At the same time, there is no need to feed a baby right before going to bathroom. The best variant is to feed a child an hour before water procedures.

 Myth 5. In order to test the temperature of the water in the tube, it is necessary to sink your elbow into the water.

Never do that! The skin of an infant is very tender and if to make a mistake at 2-3 degrees a burn is guaranteed. Thermometer is the only instrument for testing the temperature of the water inside the baby tube. Nowadays, it can be found easily in every pharmacy.